Organic Acai 

Wild crafted, thick acai berry puree, dark purple.
Just acai berries, nothing added.
  • Provide Social Inclusion and Education
  • Be Environmental Sustainable
  • Support Health and Safety Foods
  • Provide best Consulting for Product Development
  • Be Transparent
  • Develop Partnerships
  • Love for our Business

Our Importing Company is located in Ithaca New York guided by professionals from Cornell University with expertise on international trade and the entire supply chain. 

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Our Values

    Caju Apple


Caju apple puree rich in Vitamin C from Northeast of Brazil. Excellent exotic juice, ice cream and with yogurts.


Camu-camu frozen puree from the Brazilian Amazon. Highest Vitamin C content 3000mg/100gr berry. Goes very well in Acai smoothies. 

Super Fruits





raw & WILD Crafted

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